Register a Production

Register your production with KCACTF HERE.


Register for State and Regional Festivals below.

KCACTF productions are registered as either “participating” or “associate.”

“Participating” productions are designed to travel in the hope of being invited to perform at the upcoming regional festival. You may choose either an “on site” visit and response from regional committee members, OR you may travel to and perform your production at a state festival. If your production is placed “on hold,” then the regional committee, following its early December meeting, may invite your production to perform at the regional festival in San Angelo, TX in February. (Please note, however, that only a fraction of the “held” productions are actually invited.)

“Associate” productions do not travel or compete for a regional festival invitation but, instead, are given an “on site” visit and response from a KCACTF representative.

$300 Participating
$225 Associate
Only available BEFORE October 1st
After Oct 1: $275 for Associate & $350 for Participating