Ken Ludwig Scholarship

Ken Ludwig Playwriting Scholarship Award

Eligibility:The individual must be a current undergraduate student or within two years after graduation with an undergraduate degree. As this is a scholarship award, he/she must be a currently enrolled student or planning to enroll the following year in a graduate theatre or writing program in the following year.

The individual must submit a letter from a faculty member nominating the student and attesting to his/her student enrollment status.

The individual must represent a school that has a KCACTF associate or participating entry. A school may have more than one representative.

Application Process

The prize will be awarded based on a playwrights body of work. As evidence of that body of work, the writer should submit:

A resume of their writing and production history.

Three plays. One of those plays must be at least sixty minutes in length.

Deadline is February 1st.

Evaluation Procedures

The National Playwriting Program will establish a screening committee each year to read submitted work.

The work of up to five writers will become finalists, and that work will be judged by a professional playwright provided by the National Playwriting Program and the Artistic Director of KCACTF.

All evaluation should be done with blind readings that do not include the authors name, address or school.