John Cauble Short Play Award

John Cauble Short Play Award

Submission deadline is November 1 of each year. All plays are to be submitted to the Regional Playwriting Chair and to the National Office.

Please include with your submission the official cover sheet for One Act Plays.

Cover sheet for one act play submissions: COVER SHEET FOR ONE-ACT

Regional Playwriting Chair’s email address: Ashley Edwards,

National Offices email address:

A short play is defined as a play of one act without intermission that, within itself, does not constitute a full evening of theatre; the running time of a one-act play is under 60 minutes, and when typed in standard format , a one-act play is approximately 15-45 (or so) pages in length.

Each entry must have had at least a staged reading at the student’s college or university to be eligible. If the student’s school has any other associate or participating productions registered, the student is free to submit his or her play. If the school has no registered productions, the student’s play would be required to register as an associate or participating production.

The submitted plays will be read by at least two readers from a different region. Two or more of the top choices will be invited to the Region 6 Festival in San Angelo, TX March 1-4, 2017.

Once the playwrights have been notified that their plays have been selected, and prior to the festival, the selected playwrights will work with their university to organize a concert reading of their play, which will then be presented at the festival. The actors reading the script will be provided by the playwright’s school.

Two plays will be chosen to be National Semi-Finalists from the regional festival. Those two plays will then be held in consideration for the national festival in Washington, D.C., in the Spring.