Invited Productions for the 2017 Festival

The following productions are invited and will be performing at the Regional Festival at Angelo State University.

When the Rain Stops Falling by Andrew Bovell
Texas Wesleyan University

The Aliens by Annie Baker
University of New Orleans

Brooklyn by Mark Schoenfeld and Berri McPherson
West Texas A&M University

MetAMORfosis by Carlos Romero (new play)
Tarrant County College – Southeast

The following production is invited as a showcase production and will be performing at the Regional Festival at Angelo State University.

Kabuki Lady MacBeth by Karen Sunde
Panola College

The following productions are invited as a NPP productions and will be presented as readings at the Regional Festival at Angelo State University.


139 by Alireza (Kambiz) Shabankareh Bandar
Texas State University

Afterlife by Jordan Ford
Texas State University

Milk In the Desert by Vic Shuttee
University of Houston

More and More by Jacob Burns
Texas State University

Guilt Trip by Cameron Pelache
Texas State University

Labels by Audrey Webb
Texas State University


Alone by William Sinclair
Texas Tech University

Les Bottes by Genevieve Olson
Northwest AR Commuity College

Sinkhole by Eric More
University of Houston

Hell Is Empty by TJ Young
Texas State University

In a Darkroom, The Lord Knows by Caitlin Turnage
Texas State University


The Break by Drew Morrison
University of New Mexico

Rubi X by Monica Sanchez
University of New Mexico

Rathbone by Erin Grogan
Texas Tech University