Stage Management

KCACTF Stage Management Fellowship Program


As of the 2015 festival, student stage management entries in the DTM exhibit will no longer use tables or display boards. Students will only bring their blocking script and calling script (as one or more binders) for their production. SM binders will be kept in a “library” for the respondents to review before the response sessions. Students will need to bring their binder(s) to the response session as well.

Stage management students may prepare an additional binder with any production photos, paperwork, or other relevant materials that you feel helps communicate your production process. There will no longer be an exhibit space for SM display boards, table set ups, or tackle boxes.


Students who have stage managed a production for a school that has entered at least one production in either a participating, or associate KCACTF entry, during the Festival year, and are bona fide students in a college or university at the time of the production, are eligible. For the purpose of the KCACTF Stage Management Fellowship, the definition of a bona fide student is:

  • an undergraduate student* registered for at least six semester, or equivalent, quarter hours;
  • or a graduate student* registered for at least three credit hours, or equivalent quarter hours;
  • or a continuing part-time student* enrolled in a regular degree, or certificate program.

*Undergraduate, graduate, and continuing part-time students must be matriculating and pursuing a degree at the time of the production.

Regional Festival Preparation

If an eligible stage manager wishes to be considered for the KCACTF Stage Management Fellowship at her/his regional festival, the student must submit the following items to the Regional Co-Chair of Design, Technology, and Management:

  1. A letter of intent, written by the student, including: a short commentary of the stage manager’s ‘approach statement’, a brief statement about why the student believes she/he will gain a positive experience by participating in the regional festival and her/his intention to practice stage management in the future.
  2. A 1-page résumé.
  3. Email these items in pdf format to Biz Nelson (deadline is 5pm February 1)

Participation at the Regional Festival

Each student is required to bring her/his prompt script from the production. The prompt script should be the book(s) the student used during the actual production. If the original prompt script is in digital format, a printed copy of the Prompt Script must be generated for display at the Expo.

The prompt script is not required to include ALL of the production’s paperwork; these should include, but are not limited to:

  • The “Blocking Script” and the “Calling Script”, as one or more books, with blocking and cue-calling notation.
  • Rehearsal and performance Log.
  • Schedules, including rehearsals, tech rehearsals, etc.
  • Pre-show/post-show checklists, shift schedules, French scenes, etc.
  • Forms, emails, communications, schedules, lists and plots.
  • Cast/Crew contact sheet, however, please remove phone numbers and addresses.

All of the above materials should be the bona fide working versions, created during the actual production process. Prompt scripts will be on display as part of the regional Design Expo. Production photos that help to illustrate the production, and its challenges, may be included at the back of the prompt script, but are not required.

The Festival Stage Management Team

Each participant in the KCACTF Stage Management Fellowship program may be assigned a festival event (10-minute plays, Irene Ryan Scholarship Auditions, Summer Stock Auditions, Faculty Acting Showcase, etc.) to manage at the regional festival, alongside the regional faculty coordinator. After you have registered for your regional festival, contact the Regional Stage Management Coordinator for volunteer opportunities at the Festival.

The Stage Management Respondent

Each region invites Stage Management Respondent(s) to provide feedback to the participants. During the regional festival, the participants in the KCACTF Stage Management Fellowship program must meet with the Respondent(s) in any or all of several ways, coordinated by the Regional Stage Management Coordinator:

  • A walk-through response to the stage manager’s prompt script as part of the Design Expo response process;
  • Individual Interviews;
  • A series of workshops, wherein designated stage managers are the focus of a predetermined time period, and other stage managers are encouraged to observe;
  • A large workshop wherein all the Festival Stage Managers assemble with the Respondent(s).

The Respondent will likely have other workshop and/or response duties in addition to her/his work with the Festival Stage Managers.

Criteria for the KCACTF Stage Management Fellowship Program

Each of the eight KCACTF regions will select a Stage Manager to be awarded a fellowship to attend the national festival.

Selection will be based on the following:

  • Professionalism and completeness of the prompt script and other paperwork;
  • Personal demeanor and communication skills, based on interviews and follow-up workshops;
  • And written material, submitted prior to the Regional Festival.

If the production is an official “Invited Festival Production” at the regional festival, a photocopy of that production’s Prompt Script may be substituted, for the original, in the Design Expo, along with an explanatory sign, at the stage manager’s discretion.