Sound Design

The KCACTF Award for Sound Design Excellence

The purpose of the KCACTF Award for Sound Design Excellence is to provide student designers with feedback from professionals working in the field; to give outstanding student designers national recognition; and to provide the opportunity for student designers to attend the national festival at the Kennedy Center. Designs will be appraised on the basis of quality, effectiveness, and originality.

The KCACTF Sound Design award is focused on the ideas behind, and approach to, a design that supports a production, and not on the equipment in the original venue.

Students who have designed the sound for a KCACTF associate or participating entry are eligible for the KCACTF Award for Sound Design Excellence. A student sound designer may be nominated to enter the regional sound design competition by a KCACTF respondent, or a faculty member from their own campus. Entering schools will, at the time of registration with the Kennedy Center and Regional Chair, inform the Regional Chair of a student sound designer and will request a KCACTF respondent. In addition, the student will fill out an online registration form on our Region VI website so that we can determine exhibit needs.

Computers are permitted for sound exhibits only, BUT the regional festival, its hosts and volunteers are not responsible for items lost or stolen from the display area or its environs. Use a computer at your own risk, bring your own cable lock. For sound exhibits, CD’s for boom box or disc man players with earphones (not the ones that go into your ears due to hygiene issues) are great alternative solutions. Computers pose security risks at the exhibit as well as problems in presenting designs when there is a malfunction. No power will be provided except in the sound room.

For specific information on the Sound Design guidelines, click here.