Design/Tech Projects

Design & Technical Projects Expo

In addition to the National KCACTF award entries, students are encouraged to present the best of their Non-Realized Class Projects. Students participating are allowed to submit designed projects in any of the following areas: Lighting, Scenic, Costume, Sound, Costume Crafts, Scenic Art, or Props. You may enter a project in more than one category.  Students are required to bring all drafting for the design, research, developmental sketches, thumbnails, renderings, and white or painted models. Sound projects will need to have all reference materials, sound samples, and the finished sound cue or soundscape. This is a chance for you to show those class assignments, that you have stayed up all night for and worked so hard on.

Entries will be responded to purely on their design aesthetic, the core of the design approach, and your presentation (both visually and verbally) of those elements.  Designers and technicians entering this competition should be prepared to discuss, defend their approach, and process to the respondent.  Depending on quality of entries, all categories may not have an award recipient.  Lighting, Scenic, Costume, and Scenic Art entries will receive a 4 x 8 panel.  Costume Crafts, Props, and Sound entries will receive a half of an 8 ft table.