Dramaturgy Through Design


2018 Dramaturgy Through Design Form

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Dramaturgy Through Design​

Are you interested in collaboration? Dramaturgy through Design is the at-festival option. Directors, designers, and dramaturgs from different schools will be teamed up to create the production of their dreams. Dramaturgy through Design is a timed collaborative event that teams a director with a Dramaturg, and designers: lighting, sound, costume, scenery, & and make-up; to create an approach to an original text that is unlike all previous productions.

Team Assignment

  • The DTM co-chair and co-vice chair will organize the registrants into teams of as many of the following as the registration allows: director, Dramaturg, designers (lighting, sound, scenic, costume, make-up) and comprised of members from as many different schools as possible.
  • By mid February each individual will be informed by email the production team position and play he/she will be working with.
  • Participants will not be informed of who their teammates are until the introductory meeting at the Festival.

What to Bring to Festival

  • A copy of the script (one per team may be available at the festival).
  • Research “morgue” that includes images, historical information, criticism, script analysis.
  • Paper (including sketch pads, scratch paper, computer paper) as needed for the production responsibility.
  • Writing utensils (colored pencils, markers, pens, pencils) as needed for the production responsibility.
  • Sound designers need to provide their own resources for collecting, creating, and playing their design. A sound system will be provided with a line input and CD sound playback for presentation.
  • Laptop computer with Wi-Fi capabilities (optional).
  • Any other specific supplies needed for the production responsibility.

Dramaturgy Through Design Schedule at the Festival

Wednesday of Festival

Introductory meeting (mandatory) in an assigned room.

  • Team members will meet for 1 hour & move the project forward.
  • Expectations will be delineated

Thursday of Festival, late afternoon

Each director is required to turn in to the  stage manager a concept statement (one typed page).

Friday of Festival

  • Teams gather to complete and set up production displays
    • Each team will be provided with a 4′ wide x 8′ high panel to post their conceptual write-ups, drawings, swatches, images, and whatever the team deems appropriate to communicate the concept of the play.
  • Final Presentations to directing/dramaturgy/design respondents
    • There will be approximately 7 minutes for the team to present their idea and approximately 15 minutes for discussion with the respondents.
    • The team can choose who and how their team will present the material.

Between the Introductory Meeting & Final Presentations

  • After the Introductory Meeting, each team is allowed 6 hours to meet prior to the designated Display Set-Up.
    • A meeting consists of any time 2 or more team members are together discussing ideas about the project.
  • Individuals may continue to work on their own outside the 6 allotted meeting hours.
    • For conceiving of your own ideas, gathering research, or preparing your portion of the entry.