Allied Design & Technologies

The KCACTF Allied Design and Technologies Award

Each regional award recipient will receive national recognition. KCACTF will provide the funding required for each to attend the annual USITT Conference.

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Regulations and Procedures for the KCACTF Allied Design and Technology Award:

1.The Award will be open to students who have completed major design or technology projects in areas including (but not limited to) makeup, projection, properties, millinery, masks, tech, wigs, scenic art, draping & tailoring, technical direction, puppets, special effects, costume craft, audio engineering, etc. as long as their school has entered at least one associate or participating entry during the festival year.  All entries must have been realized and produced at their home institution.

2.Only bona fide students are eligible for this award. A bona fide student is: a) an undergraduate student who is registered for a minimum of six semester hours or nine quarter hours at the time of production; b) a graduate student who is enrolled for three semester or four quarter hours at the time of production; c) a continuing part-time student who is enrolled in a regular degree program at the time of production.

3.Regional nominees must attend their regional festival, and display their realized designs and documentation, in order to be eligible for KCACTF Allied Design And Technology Awards.

4.The designer is responsible for developing a suitable method of shipping or delivering their design to and from the regional festival, including providing the appropriate mailing and insurance charges.

5.The timely delivery of such materials will be determined by the host of the regional festival. Alternatively, most regions may require that students bring their materials in person to the design exhibit space at a specifically scheduled time.

6.The complete design presentation normally is presented on a vertical surface.  When size limitations require xerographic reduction of materials presented in scale, such out-of-scale reduction should be noted.  Each region shall determine its own specific requirements as to space and presentation at their regional festival. Please check with individual regions for specifications and restrictions.

7.Should a regional KCACTF Allied Design and Technology Award, nominee move on to the national USITT Conference as a national finalist, an approximate space of 24 sq. feet, including wall shelves, is normally provided to each regional award recipient.

8. Process steps are very effective to illustrate technique and know-how. Production photographs are very effective in documenting your design.  At least three 8” x 10” color are recommended.  Please note, inkjet prints on quality photo glossy paper are more effective than photos printed on regular stock paper.