Festival Dramaturgy Programming

Dear Region VI:

I’m Mark Charney, your new coordinator of the Institute for Theatre Journalism, Dramaturgy, and the Devised Project. We are in the process of soliciting participants for all three of these initiatives. Please see the email below from Heather Helinsky, our professional dramaturg who will be at the regional festival in San Angelo. Please encourage your student dramaturgs, either active or new, to attend the dramaturg events in late February. You will notice the new extended deadline for materials. Please write me at mark.charney@ttu.edu for further information or questions.

From Heather Helinsky:

I am writing to encourage any of your students who are interested in dramaturgy to participate in KCACTF Region 6, whether or not the students may have been a production dramaturg at your university. There are a lot of exciting dramaturgical conversations and workshops happening this year.

Students in the dramaturgy track will have opportunities to work with the directors and playwrights on a ten-minute play and their program notes will be seen by the entire festival. The dramaturgs will also hold a dialogue with the National Critics Institute. From basic workshops of “What is the role of a dramaturg” to “Dramaturging the city of San Angelo”, we hope any interested students would be excited to participate in a full week of dramaturgical activities.

As a professional dramaturg who has participated as the guest dramaturg in both Regions 4 & 6, I enjoy answering questions they may have about the myriad of professional opportunities that they can tap into as they consider a career in dramaturgy. February 19th is the deadline for submitting their digital dramaturgy materials for the Dramaturgy Award, but please also encourage students who may have an interest in dramaturgy to contact Regional coordinator Mark Charney as well (mark.charney@ttu.edu) if they have any questions. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you in San Angelo!

Heather Helinsky, Dramaturgy Guest for Region 6