Ten-Minute Play Festival

The primary goal of the Ten-Minute Play Festival Student Directing Program is to provide opportunity for directors and playwrights to develop their skills while working collaboratively on a new play. It is not designed as a competition for directing, but rather to provide experience in bringing to life new work of the playwright through a concert reading. This opportunity is an exciting one for student directors interested in the process of new play development.


10-Minute Play Directing Guidelines

10-Minute Play Director Application

10-Minute Play Festival Student Directing Program Overview

Six student directors will be chosen for this project. In advance of the festival, directors will be given the names and contact information for selected playwrights.  Pre-festival communication between the 2 collaborators is encouraged.  At the festival, ALL DIRECTORS must attend the Concert Reading Workshop which will take place prior to casting. Playwrights are encouraged to attend the workshop as well. The workshop is to be considered an educational experience so directors (and playwrights) have an opportunity to learn how a concert reading works. Open auditions will be held at the festival, the morning after the first round of Irene Ryan Auditions. Throughout the week, each director working collaboratively with the playwright and actors will produce a concert reading of the original script. The focus of the exercise is on the development of new work rather than on technical elements and staging. Concert readings will be showcased and presented as a public event towards the closing of the festival.

All Concert readings will be informed by Actors Equity Association guidelines for the presentation of new play readings. In general, readers must use music stands, and only minimal staging is allowed. No sound, light cues, props or costumes are allowed.

Directors will be assigned a directing mentor who will observe their process and provide feedback throughout the week.

Thank you for your interest in the KCACTF Region 6 Directing Program.