Arts Management & Administration

The field of Arts Management and Administration encompasses a broad range of talents and responsibilities. While arts administrators often work in the non-profit sector, for producing theatres and presenting groups, for arts councils, and for museums, careers can also be found in for-profit organizations, in theatre, the music industry, galleries and other arts organizations.

At KCACTF Region 6, we are committed to supporting students with an interest in these areas with events and opportunities that will strengthen their skills and marketability. Highlights include:

  1. Workshops – hear from current professionals working in the areas of arts administration and management.
  2. Students may apply for Arts Administration Internship positions (see details below) and benefit from hands on learning opportunities throughout the week.
  3. Special Events (Play readings, Showcase Productions, Tech Olympics, etc.)

Arts Management Internship

Serving as an Arts Management intern for the KCACTF Region VI Festival provides students with exposure to real-world challenges and the opportunity to develop problem solving and management skills.

Please note: Management interns must have paid registration to festival to participate. Selected candidates receive complimentary housing during the festival.

Students can expect:

  1. To acquire hands-on experience in arts management.
  2. To explore and create new professional networking opportunities.
  3. To be given the opportunity to apply conceptual knowledge and skills to the work environment.
  4. To experience the challenges and successes of efficiently and effectively working within a complex organization.
  5. To “learn by doing.”

The interns will contribute to the effectiveness of the Festival in multiple areas of Arts Management under the direction of an experienced Arts Administrator who also serves as a mentor.

When selecting the interns to work in the various areas of the festival, The Arts Management Chair for Region VI will attempt to match the interests and personal goals of the students, for example, working with the Festival Registration, Social Media, Musical Theatre, Irene Ryan Auditions, etc.

KCACTF views internship experience as invaluable and high performing students may acquire a letter of recommendation from the organization as well as a resume credit that states “Arts Management Internship, Kennedy Center-American College Theatre Festival, Region I.”

Working as an intern provides students with the opportunity to network and make connections that may lead to a future paid position within the arts management field.


Students DO NOT need to be majoring in Arts Management or Administration to be considered for one of the Arts Management Internship positions.

To Apply

Interested students should send a letter of interest, resume, the name of their school, and the name and email address of a faculty reference to: Fabrice Conte at, Arts Administration Chair no later than February 1.